Kosovo is a region prone to natural and manmade disasters. Among the most frequent disasters in Kosovo are: floods, droughts, hail, earthquakes, avalanches, landslides, snow falls with cold temperatures, thunderclaps, and epidemics.

In recent years there have been more floods and avalanches occurring in Kosovo, specifically in the area of Peja due to the surrounding mountains and changes in weather. Agreed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for cooperation between Civil Protection agencies and the Red Cross of Kosova (RCK) are in place. However they were last tested in an exercise two years ago.

The level of training in Kosovo varies to what may be expected in other countries and the RCK would like to test this training to see how they can improve to best support the Emergency Management Agency of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Kosovo (EMA). As part of looking at how they could improve their work, the RCK would like to test their coordination with the CPA.


The aim of the project is to train volunteers of the RCK in Peja to prepare, conduct and evaluate a small scale field exercise. The exercise itself will provide an opportunity to the RCK and other participating agencies to practice their cooperation in disaster response, and review their established SOP.


Volunteers of the RCK Peja branch, members of the local fire department, the local police, and administration.