The Dutch Guys

Chris and Raman from The Netherlands Red Cross

Editor’s note: I haven’t forgotten our two Dutch team members, but life was getting in the way of writing the profile for this blog. Whilst Raman can’t be with us this weekend in Zagreb, I figured that this was an excellent opportunity to finally ad a profile of them both on this blog.

Raman (left) and Chris (in the mountains around Peja. (Picture: R. Matosic)

Raman (left) and Chris (in the mountains around Peja. (Picture: R. Matosic)

Chris van Duuren, 41 years old and from Leiderdorp, works for the government of the Netherlands in the area of disaster management. Besides this background, he has been a Red Cross volunteer for 22 years. While he has done a lot in this time, most recently he has volunteered as a trainer for International Humanitarian Law (IHL). In the VinCaB team he was not only responsible for the evaluation of the Standard Operating Procedures of the RCK, but also Taru’s deputy as a team leader. His primary motivation to go abroad with the VinCaB project was to help the people of Kosovo, but also to gain new experiences and offer added value to the overall goal the project had. Apart from that, he thought it was a great project in general.

Raman Madan is 43 years old and also works for the government of the Netherlands, where he is also responsible for disaster management. He has a professional background as a doctor and also is a volunteer with the Red Cross of the Netherlands. As a VinCaB Kosovo team member he was responsible for media relations and liaising with VIPs, a task he shared with Timo.

The Netherlands Red Cross is the national Red Cross society of the Netherlands. It is engaged in disaster response, disaster preparedness, social work, provides first aid courses, restoring family links, transport of disabled people to social events, meetings against isolation, and dissemination work. It also is an important partner in international cooperation and maintains a website for disaster preparedness: I am safe.


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